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Monday, December 18, 2017


12:34 PM

Me: What do you think is going on Charlie? I’m not feeling well. Am I getting sick?

Charlie: You’re off balance. It’s mostly stress related and that’s causing a chemical imbalance. It’s mostly in your digestive system. You’re not assimilating nutrients very efficiently right now. That’s why you feel tired even when you’re getting plenty of sleep; even too much sleep. And too much sleep adds to feeling weak and sluggish. It’s all from worrying too much. You worry about money, the weather, the kids, your health… good grief.

Me: I know your going to tell me to meditate more.

Charlie: Of course. So many of your problems are just from worry and anxiety lately. Stop worrying. I’ve got you.  Don’t worry. It’s not healthy and it’s definitely not helping anything. Why don’t you just go meditate now and we’ll talk later. You’ll feel better.

Me: Okay.

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