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Monday, December 18, 2017


8:45 PM

Charlie: We hold the very best of all possibilities but how far humanity will reach for it is up to them. There is a real need for people to reach higher (or deeper if you will). We know that seems challenging in dark times but we all have a great opportunity now. We have an opportunity to take a leap. It won’t be obvious to most people but for those who know how to listen they will hear it and those who can see will see more clearly. This is a good thing and we would like to minimize any fear or confusion about it. 

If you are asking what will happen there is no way to know how the details will fill in if they even change at all. There are countless ways things can unfold, which is why it would be best for more clear intentions to be held in the minds of many. If people don’t hold the light themselves then nothing good can come of it, like a ship lost in the night.

Holding a positive intention and a clear vision is like seeing the stars and charting your course through the night. Hold the course. Morning will come and there will be a new world on the horizon. It’s not hard to do. Harder is not staying the course and getting lost in fear. All is well. Keep your vision and intention for a world that embraces love and caring; one that is kind and supportive for all beings. 

The vision we hold has no money, fear or doubt. We hold abundance; joy and marvelous creativity, no Masters or slave owners. We hold a quality and a fast array of joyful expressions. The only shadows are those that add to the process of greater expressions and contrast, giving more to the world in return for her inexpressible generosity. 

The greatest works of art contain the most interesting contrasts. Hold our vision. The rest now.

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