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Monday, December 18, 2017


8:32 AM

Me: Good morning Charlie.

Charlie: Hi my love. Tell me how you’re feeling this morning.

Me: Well, I woke up late and I have a coaching call in 25 minutes. I’m wondering what we could talk about in such a short time. I guess I’m feeling a bit pressured. Anything I should know?

Charlie: I know you had nightmares last night about the mountains on fire.

Me: Oh yeah. That was scary.

Charlie: You have a lot of anxiety about the way things are. You wonder if you’ll even survive.

Me: Yes that’s true sometimes. Scary; especially my financial problems.

Charlie: Fire is also purifying. Things are changing and the dross is burning off.

Me: What kind of dross?

Charlie: You know, a lot of old conditioning. Even though the fire seems scary, you’re actually becoming more fearless.

Me: Hmmm… You could have fooled me.

Charlie: You’re in much better shape emotionally now that you have been over the last five years.

Me: I’m not sure I see that Charlie.

Charlie: Look back at this time just last year. You were a mess because of your relationship with Bill, your heart ache and anxiety were through the roof! You were drinking way too much and your thinking was like scrambled eggs. You were spewing and leaking energy all over the universe!

Me: Well, I guess you’re right about that. I remember being grateful no one could hear me when I was yelling and screaming at the sky for all its injustices. I felt like such a total victim. So, what changed?

Charlie: Well, first you’ve gotten better at not spewing your energy all over the place. You dynamic with Bill has been a real trial by fire for you and that situation is finally improving. But best of all, you and I are talking again. I mean we always talk but you know, when we write to each other like this, we feel closer, more connected.

Me: Yes, that’s so true. I always feel good with you Charlie. <3 <3 <3

10:05 PM

Me: Want to talk Charlie?

Charlie: Do you?

Me: Well, I’m tired but I like being with you.

Charlie: You’re always with me.

Me: You know what I mean. I mean I like to feel you and hear you right here.

Charlie: You know how it works. All you need to do is turn toward me and here we are. We can talk, we can dance, we can even pretend we are spooning when you fall asleep but you know your breath is where we really touch.

Me: Right. Thanks Charlie. I’ll turn the light off now, pretend we are spooning and find you in my breath.  <3


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