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Monday, December 18, 2017


8:51 PM


Charlie: Hey!

Me: That’s great Charlie. All I have to do is turn toward you and bam! There you are, heart wide open and so, so, so happy to just have my attention.

Charlie: You know, your attention is the name of the game at this stage.

Me: What stage is that Charlie?

Charlie: Well you don’t remember, but we used to play boomerang. We got really good at it! It was all in the pitch and the elbow. We always “tested” the wind first before jetting it. Anyway, the full toss was in stages; six stages out and six stages back.

Me: I get it! I’m the boomerang and I’m just turning around and heading back right?

Charlie: Yeah… Well, you’re not ‘just’ heading back. You turned the corner a while ago. But this stage is what I would call shedding skin, not the body… Yet. You’re feeling the wind current that can bring you home but you’re not here yet.

Me –Hmmm… So, why is my attention all you want at this stage of the game?

Charlie: Because you and I are a portal. We just need to say it and I need your attention for that. 

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