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Monday, December 18, 2017


9:35 PM

Me: So, what are we doing Charlie? And I must say, after all we’ve been through I’m not altogether sure of myself at all. I lost you for a very, very long time; like decades.

Charlie: You didn’t hear me but you never lost me- not even possible-ever, never, not possible.

Me: If that’s not true then you know what I’ve been through!

Charlie: Yes, of course.

Me: You did nothing to prevent all the pain I’ve been through Charlie!! And I’m supposed to have any kind of “open-heart” for you knowing that you just stood by and watched?!

Charlie: I never just stood by and watched.

Me: Then where the hell were you Charlie?!

Charlie: I was with you. I was right there with you.

Me: Oh great, so you just stood there and watched.

Charlie: No, no, no my love. I was with every breath you took. With every breath you took and every feeling of pain and fear I was your breath reminding you.

Me: Reminding me? Of what Charlie! What?

Charlie: To let go. I have no control over your choices. The only thing I can do is stay with you in every breath and ask you to come home. I know how you suffer. I know. I know deeply down to every cell of your being.

Me: Talk to me Charlie. Your words feel good.

Charlie: I know every cell of you because I’m here in breath. I’m on a mission (LOL) to love every cell in this body we’ve created (again). Your only job is to let go of all the crap, this stuff, the tension and cellular history. Just let go my love. We'll set things straight again, just the way we always have.

Me: We’ve been doing this for a long time have we Charlie?

CharlieJ only since the beginning of time my darling, which never actually was. You and I are the very place where one becomes two and then back to one and then back to two. Think cha cha! It’s the only dance there is. Like birth and death we rock and roll. Life has no end. Life goes on. If I don’t have you, and you don’t have me then nothing dances. Like night and day the world turns.

Me: I love you Charlie. I remember when we were little. I remember when you would hide from me, playing hide and seek. We have always played. You’ve always been my best of best friends. So, now what Charlie?

Charlie: So, now what do you want? You know, it’s all up to you.

Me: Me? But don’t you already know everything I want?

Charlie: No. It changes all the time.

Me: What should I do Charlie?

Charlie: Well, LOL, you know. When we’re together; really, really together, you know (we) know what Love is.

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