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Monday, December 18, 2017


8:09 AM

Me: Good morning Charlie.

Charlie: Good morning. I missed you yesterday.

Me: Well, you know what happened. I was playing dominoes with the neighbors until 2 AM and drank too much. So I was out of sorts yesterday. And I can’t talk long this morning because Mike and I are heading up to Charlottesville to help Mika and Grace move. Not sure when will be back.

Charlie: Wie'll see how we are doing this evening. How are you feeling now?

Me: I slept well last night. I guess I’m okay. But you know I have so much fear and anxiety about money. Can’t seem to get away from it. Always trying to figure it out, what to do.

Charlie: You haven’t been meditating for a while. That would help. When you meditate it’s easier for me to help you. When you’re all bogged down and heavy with worries, it’s difficult for me to guide or inspire you in any direction. When your mind is all over the place and all balled up in knots it makes things a lot more difficult for you. I know you know that. So, why haven’t you been meditating?

Me: You know how it is. It feels like a downward spiral. The more I worry, the harder it gets to meditate and the longer I go without meditating, the more I worry. It’s not pretty. I know I should start meditating again. It’s probably been six weeks or more. No wonder I’m a mess.

Charlie: There’s that awful word, “should”. There it is again. Meditation shouldn’t be a 'should'. You just want to remember how good it feels to meditate and then the inspiration to experience it more will motivate you.

Me: Right. We’ll see what this evening brings when we get back from Charlottesville. I have to get ready to leave now. Later Charlie.

Charlie: Later.<3 <3 <3 

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