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Wednesday, December 20, 2017


1:35 pm

Me: Hi Charlie.

Charlie: Hi my love.

Me: What should we talk about?

Charlie: So much to say.

Me: What stands out? Anything?

Charlie: Not off the top. How do you feel?

Me: I’m tired. I have so much to do before everyone comes for Christmas.

Charlie: Everything will get done. It will be a good time.

Me: How can you know things like that?

Charlie: I can see it. It’s the trajectory of this timeline but things can skip.

Me: Skip?

Charlie: You know, depending on what your thoughts are doing. When you are feeling peaceful and anticipating things with an open mind and spacious heart things seem to ’magically’ work out. You’ve been meditating and practicing metta so things are on a good trajectory.

Me: Trajectory? You mean as in aiming in a good direction?

Charlie: That’s one way to see it. It’s more energy related though not spatially.

Me: Is it true that if people have a more open heart things just magically work out?

Charlie: It may seem like magic but it’s actually quite scientific from an earthly perspective. Most people think that just being nice and lovable is like burying their heads in the sand and not acknowledging the suffering in the world. But like I said yesterday, it does no good to be in an ongoing state of fear or anxiety. Those states of mind will shut down creative solutions. You basically get locked into reactivity, which is just karma running off. It goes nowhere and becomes self perpetuating. Whereas a mind at peace is an open door inviting insight and creative solutions. It’s very powerful. It can create anything. But when worries and anxieties arise they cast a shadow and close the door on inspiration and creative responses.

Me: I guess that’s why the Dalai Lama says cultivating compassion is the most powerful thing people can do for the world.

Charlie: Yes. It’s not just an airy fairy thing. It’s essential for finding wonderful and creative solutions for the hardships of the world. The solutions are out there ready to be received but right now there’s so much anxiety and fear that not enough people are receiving the solutions. It doesn’t matter what any state of affairs looks like, no matter how hopeless things may seem. Solutions are everywhere. But a fish can’t receive food if it keeps its head in the mud.

Me: Cute analogy – weird but I get the point.

Charlie: I’ll work on my analogies. Lol! J It’s fun.

Me: Anything else?

Charlie: I like that you really want to let go of your concerns about this blog. It feels like an active stretching your faith doesn’t it?

Me: Yes.

Charlie: You’re worried about not having answers if people start asking questions.

Me: That’s for sure.

Charlie: Don’t worry. Just stay with me. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You know it’s hard to swim when you’re all tensed up.

Me: That’s a really good analogy. I like that one.

Charlie: :-)

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