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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


1:00 PM

Me: We're back aren't we Charlie. It's been a long time since we talked on paper.

Charlie: We've been through a lot with Mika's kidney transplant and now getting ready for Christmas. You've been a bit scattered but at least you've been meditating again. Nice.

Me: Yeah. I'm feeling a lot more grounded especially now that Mika can drive again and his new kidney is doing great. What a relief. Is there anything to talk about?

Charlie: I know you're feeling apprehensive about this blog.

Me: That's because, as you know, I've never shared you with anyone. Is it going to effect the way we communicate? I don't want anything to change. I like things the way things are with you.

Charlie: The only thing that could change is if you get spooked and drop the ball. I hope you won't throw me out the window again. If you stick with it you won't regret it. You're just nervous about people's reactions. You also just don't trust yourself to be consistent. Just forget all that. You worry too much.

Me: Tell me about fear Charlie.

Charlie:  Well, it's like a contraction in a muscle.  It keeps things moving. But this world, especially these days is having a real Charlie Horse of a cramp in its psyche. Lol!  No pun intended. Anyway, all the fear that's being presented in the media is just to steer unaware people in a certain direction.  Yes, there are some people who want to control everything but people don't need to be controlled. There's a fear cycle happening.  If someone cries 'fire' everyone becomes frightened, which makes other people frightened, which ends up with everyone reacting from their survival reptilian brain. When that happens (this certainly isn't the first time) people lose their ability to access wisdom, insight and creative solutions. It's not that fear is innately bad. Every living creature has it, even plants. It's just when it becomes chronic. Unrelenting fear creates chaos not solutions. It also makes people sick and depressed as you know. There's a lot of confusion about how to respond to fear. If you're being physically attacked you have built in instincts to react. But if you're just being emotionally challenged by something some people believe you have to kill the perpetrator to get rid of the problem but that's not a good solution. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but the best way to deal with it is to find a way to not be afraid. That way you have a far better chance of gaining access to insight. The solution will appear either as an idea or the fabric of the environment shifts. I know peace, love and avocados may sound flimsy and unrealistic but it's not. It creates a potential for vastly more creative solutions by providing access to parts of the mind that are shut down when there is chronic fear.

Me: What do you mean 'the fabric of the environment can shift?'

Charlie: That's an enormous subject. It's not so much that the fabric of the environment itself changes but your perception changes. You know those artist who create 3D works of art that look completely different depending on where you're standing? One side looks like a jumbles mess of metal, boxes and wire and the other side looks like an exquisite portrayal of a beautiful face or something. It's all in the point of perception.   It's actually much more complicated than that, which involves shifting paralleled realities but let's not get too complicated right now.  For now, let's just say standing in fear creates a perception of a jumbled, confusing mess while an open heart and mind can see the creative solutions and move forward with inspiration.  So whatever you can do; meditate, breathe, send out loving prayers, smell flowers and look at the sunrise, find things to be grateful for.. these aren't passive, wimpy things. These are doorways to creativity. Just hold the wish to see powerful solutions and then, when they come to you by way of an idea or intuition, if your heart and mind are open and clear, you will be motivated by inspiration, not fear.

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