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Monday, December 18, 2017


7:46 PM

Me: Charlie?

Charlie: Hmmm?

Me: Now what? I mean throw away everything. Here we are Now what?

Charlie: I don’t know. That’s kind of a big question.

Me: You know sometimes your answers are more confusing than the question. Come on Charlie get to the point.

Charlie: Let’s start right here. Breathing slow, long… Slow long!.. You remember when we were there? All that time? Together? And every time you gave me another name, it’s still me you know.

Me: I’m not doing well Charlie. I’m just not doing well. Every minute of my waking life feels “stuffed” with… Everything. Overloaded. That’s the word, overloaded.

Charlie: What is it that is piling up and overloading you?

Me: Oh Charlie, my love, sometimes you speak to me  in layers and layers like an onion. It’s 8:21 PM Charlie. Anything else?

Charlie: I could say “no”, but… There’s so much unsaid.

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