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Monday, December 18, 2017


9:23 PM: 

Charlie: Just start. It will come more easily with practice. You’ll know if it’s right by the way you feel. If it works you will know. There are many of us looking for avenues to talk about these changes. You have to be willing to say what comes without attachment. Attachments are like hooks; they keep you from moving forward, you just swim around in circles.

There’s a lot of confusion about the changes and what might come. Similar to a psychological quote “world meltdown” there is enormous opportunity to build. But not everyone will know it, many may not even feel it but it’s here and it’s happening. Can you feel it? People are beginning to listen. Can you feel it? For most of them it’s not much more than amusing, not many realize how important and helpful it could be.

The way your lives are manifesting up to this point is irrelevant other than the blocks and barriers created by habits but some are willing to change and make changes as ideas and opportunities arise. These are the people we want to talk to. The ship needs to be steered. Just allowing it to drift aloft is not only pointless but can cause more confusion and suffering down the road.

If we could share what we see, it is our hope that all lives on this plane of existence can improve. We hold a vision for you, a vision that many have joined together to create. It’s a good vision but it needs to be recognized and shared in order for it to come about. We’d like to share with you if you can listen and hear, see it and share it. It starts with love, as all things do. We see out a world that starts fresh not something forced into being. Much remains the same as you see now for much of what you see is already pure love manifest but there is now darkness in many minds, which we see solved by way of a light hard to describe. It comes quickly like switching on a light in a dark room. A “burst” of confusion may abound for some time, similar to eyes adjusting to the light, but in a short time much more will be seen and understood. Darkness will fade although shadows remain. Without a shadow a thing cannot stand up in the light and so shadows help to make clear what exists in the light.

When the darkness is dispelled all things will be made clear and the dark secrets of fear will scatter and be transformed. Our vision holds for you an experience of life, which is good. Collaboration become primary. From there wonderful and creative manifestations will abound. Thank you. Rest now.

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