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Thursday, December 21, 2017


7:40 PM

Me: Hey Charlie. I’m feeling playful.

Charlie: I know. You want to call me “honey buns” or something.

Me: Good grief. It’s embarrassing how well you know me.

Charlie: Why embarrassing?

Me: Well, it’s even more embarrassing now knowing that everything we say might be posted on this blog.

Charlie: Let me assure you that if there is anything we talk about that should not be posted I will let you know.

Me: Oh that’s a relief. So, what’s up for discussion now?

Charlie: Relationships.

Me: What kind of relationships?

Charlie: All relationships. It’s important for people to see relationships as reflections not as real things.

Me: That’s a bit challenging Charlie. How can relationships not be real things?

Charlie: Reality from your perspective is not as solid and objective as people think. What you see in other people, or even other things and animals, are reflections of who you are and has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself.

Me: Your talking about me or everyone?

Charlie: Everyone and everything. The eyes you’re looking out from, the ears and all your senses, are just receiving various kinds of vibrations. It’s the mind that deciphers them to create its pseudo-reality. Every sensory input is deciphered by the mind not by anything “real” outside itself.

Me: I’ve heard that before but it seems impossible to believe that if someone hurts someone or even kills someone, that’s not real?

Charlie: If someone kills someone or anything, it’s still just a shift in perspective.

Me: I don’t know Charlie. If someone hurts or kills me I can see how it’s a shift in perspective but it’s real isn’t it?

Charlie: No, not real in terms of villain/victim. Those mental conceptions are illusory constructs. If you eat a fruit it’s not a victim and you are not a villain. There is just shifting energy of life source. All things and all points of awareness are shifting focal points of energy.

Me: Aren’t we getting a little carried away Charlie? I don’t know if this is a good subject for the blog. It seems to abstract.

Charlie: The point I want to make is that whatever people think is being done to them is actually just a perception in their mind creating an emotional response. If you read about a mass shooting your fearful or angry response comes from a mental construct; beliefs and patterns of thought that have come together in the mind. If you see a tree fall are you horrified by all of the life that is destroyed with it? Birds nests? Ant colonies? All the life that gets crushed under it?

Me: That’s different.

Charlie: It’s only different according to your mind's perspective. People have things categorized by good/bad, just/in just, acceptable/unacceptable etc.

Me: You’re telling me suffering isn’t real. How can anyone buy that? Animals suffer.

Charlie: Pain and suffering are two completely different things. All living things can feel pain. It's built into the living body for the purpose of preservation. But suffering involves all the mental stories people tell themselves about being a victim or villain. Those beliefs about losing what they hold dear or getting what they don’t want, add layers of suffering on top of normal pain, which is just a passing physical sensation. There’s so much mental confusion in the minds of people.

Me: Are you sure you want me to post this Charlie? Some people might get upset.

Charlie: Yes. Post it. Some people will understand it and try to pay more attention to their fabricated beliefs that are causing too much suffering. Not everyone will hear it of course.

Me: Oh dear. Okay.

Charlie: We’ll probably talk a lot more about this later on down the road. This is good enough for now. Good night my honey buns.  I’ll meet you in your dreams.

Me: Lol!  Good night Charlie. <3

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