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Monday, December 18, 2017


10:32 PM

Me: Where are you Charlie?

Charlie: Right here, with you.

Me: Then why have I felt so lost? I thought you were my sanctuary, my refuge, my heart and reason for being.

Charlie: Silly you. I am! It’s hard to dance with your eyes closed isn’t it?

Me:  Have you seen what I have been going through? What I’m going through?

Charlie: Yes.

Me: Oh Charlie. I’m not feeling you. How can you say such a thing?

Charlie: I can say it because it’s true.

Me: You’re frustrating me Charlie.

Charlie: I guess that happens now and then. But you know, my love, you are my reason for being. It’s not possible for me to not feel your sadness. Every ounce of pain you feel is all mine too.

Me: Talk to me Charlie. I’m listening.

Charlie: Hey, we know each other as well as the sun’s light sees every shadow. I see you.

Me:I don’t get it Charlie. I’m feeling lost and you’re not helping.

Charlie: Are you breathing?

Me: Yes, Charlie… I’m breathing (sigh).

Charlie: Are you breathing in?

Me: Hey, Charlie you know I’m breathing in.

Charlie: That’s me. Are you breathing out?

Me: Yes, I’m breathing out.

Charlie: That’s you. We’re dancing. We have been dancing since the beginning.

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